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Accounts & Finance management

In our package we have:

  • purchase transactions.
  • payments to suppliers.
The Budget and the General Ledger modules can be defined and developed and can be added in accordance to needs of the organization ,stricly subject to the work process to reflact the company's activities. when done the company's managers will be able to generate online reports Plan against Actual in many aspects of executions.At any certain point of time. Screen shots of purchase transactions and payments transactions will be shown below.

Marketing, CRM management, Sales

We do have the customer table and all the transactions for each customer. specific requirements and analysis can be easily defined and developed in accordance.

Project Estimation, BOQ management

Our Projects Package brings ultimate control and supervising over every single activity and expenses during the time life of the project.
The purpose of the program is to:

  • To monitor all project operations during project execution till the end life of the project.
  • Allow complete documentation of all inputs invested in the project.
  • Enable documented bidding capability.
  • Allow full tracking of procurement of materials or services for the project.
The structure of the database system as follows:
  • The Projects
  • The activities in the Project
  • The Work Orders
    • Man-power
    • materials
    • Equipment
    • Contractor
    • Work Instruction
We can easily insert to this structure Contracts Management System in case the company applying execution of projects by Contracts with contractors.
There are some more database entitis in the system as follows:
  • Project cost Accountant , BOQ and creation of Proposals – ability to estimate the projected costs for the project.
  • Mile stones in the project – dates of important mile stone to monitor the execution time of the project.
  • Gant Charts

Purchase management

The Purchase Module Comprises seven entities multiply by 2
one for Sales Tranasactios and one for Purchase Transactions as follows:

  • The Requisition
  • The Quotation
  • The Purhase Order
  • The Delivery
  • Recieving Goods
  • The Invoice
  • The payments
if the customer and the Supplier are using both this package then they can intechage data easily.
The purchasing modules has been designed in such a way that transaction between Supplier and Customer and vice versa (Customer to Supplier) can be executed via disconnected data technology. They do not need to bee ON LINE. Each transaction need few seconds of internet connection to dispatch XML files to their destination. In the destination the Supplier or the Customer can download the XML files from the mail directly to his Database Server (or computer).

Planning and project management

The package includes various controls over the whole project life. which the Project Manager or any athuthorized user can see at any point of time.

  • MileStones Object
  • Graphical Presentation -(Gant chart)
  • Progress Bar for presenting the fisical progress in the project so far
  • Progress Bar to present the total utilization of resources so far
There are also online summaries of resource utilization: Estimates against Actual usage in four drill down levels of the project.
  • resources level
  • Work Order level
  • Activity level
  • Project level

Store and inventory control

The Package includes basic system for store management also ability to read and write barcodes for items.
In any case there is the flexbility to modify this module (and any other) strictly in accordance to the work process.

Fixed Asset management

We do not have this module in the package but it can be easily added after analyzing the needs and requirements

Labour contract management

Labor costs are an integral part of project resources. The package contains tracking data and summaries of this resource by a professional or even by a specific employee.

Human resources management

We have a comprehensive Human Resources DataBase system in the packege that can cover all needs and requirements.

Tender & Billing management

As mentioned before the DataBase structure at the moment is project-activity-work Order.
Adding Contracts entity in between project entity and the activity entitty can be done easily.

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This is the Main Form with the Main Menu
2 / 40
Huma Resource DataBase System
3 / 40
Man Power Database grid
4 / 40
Employee Data - Edit form
5 / 40
Periodical Review to Employee
6 / 40
Recording education to Employee
7 / 40
Recording Positions to Employee
8 / 40
Recording Children to Employee
9 / 40
Projects Database System
10 / 40
Project Database System - The grid
11 / 40
Project Edit Form
12 / 40
Project Activity Edit Form
13 / 40
Project Activity - Recording sofar executed on activity
14 / 40
15 / 40
Gantt chart for the project
16 / 40
Executive Report - overview for all active projects
17 / 40
Work Order Chart- distribution of resources
18 / 40
The Work Order Edit Form - estimate of prefession hrs required
19 / 40
Work Order Estimate of materials required
20 / 40
Work Order Estimate of equipment hrs required
21 / 40
Work Order - Estimate of contractor work required
22 / 40
Work Instructions
23 / 40
Work Order modification - addition of materials required
24 / 40
Work Order modification - addition of Equipment hrs required
25 / 40
Work Order modification - addition of Manpower hrs required
26 / 40
Price List - Bill of Quantities
24 / 40
Price List - Bill of Quantities
25 / 40
Editing Price List (Cost Accounting- defining tariff)
26 / 40
Purchasing DataBase System
27 / 40
The Requisition DataBase System
28 / 40
The Requisition Edit form
29 / 40
The Quotation DataBase System
30 / 40
The Quotation Edit Form

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